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Pompeo rescheduled visit to Ukraine and Belarus due to unrest in Iraq

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeomust postpone his trip during which he was supposed to visit five countries due to riots in Iraq. The corresponding statement was distributed by the press service of the State Department.

Pompeo was supposed to visit Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Cyprus from January 3 to 7. However, the Secretary of State will remain in Washington to ensure the safety of US citizens in the Middle East. State Department promised to determine the new dates for the Pompeo trip to Kiev, Minsk, Nur-Sultan, Tashkent and Nicosia in the near future.

December 31 hundreds of Iraqis went to the US embassy assault. This was due to a strike by the US Air Force in the warehouses and command posts of the Hezbollah movement , which killed about 30 people and injured about 45. As a result, the diplomatic mission was evacuated . After 2 days Iranian-backed protesters withdraw From US Embassy Compound in Baghdad.

Today, Pompeo accused “Iranian assistants” of assaulting the US embassy in Baghdad. According to him, the assault was organized by the head of the Shiite militia “Popular Mobilization Committee” in Iraq Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and the head of the Shiite detachments “Special Groups” Kais al-Hazali.

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