Penny stocks are like shit coins of Wall Street. Here are 2 that you can invest in. – Idaho Reporter


Penny stocks are like shit coins of Wall Street. Here are 2 that you can invest in.

Penny stocks are stocks valued under a $5 that can quadruple in value in a day or two. Just look at what GNUS did recently. This means that you can get rich really fast if you invest in the right share at the right time. Same goes for shit coins. Shit coins are “altcoins” that are often connected with scams but if you enter before “pump” and exit before “dump” you wont actually lose all of your money.

Here is the main difference between a shitcoin and a penny stock :

  1. Shitcoin is usually promoted, created and marketed by a person or a team that no one ever heard about. This type of coin usually have no special features, is not backed by government protection and have no real value.
  2. Penny stocks are common shares of a new or unknown (to a wider audience) company that have no real big value and can often be bought under $5. These shares may gain huge trading volumes in the near future and thus dramatically increase in value.

Now that we have this behind us, here are 3 penny stocks that seem to be getting traction these days.

There seem to be another rally ahead of us for Digital Ally, Inc. (NASDAQ: DGLY) shares. Looking at the 5-day chart we can see that the price have settled today and started climbing towards $2.5 again.There was a huge selloff on June 2 but seems like nervous investors are out and others are waiting for a new jump.

Another one that can put a pretty penny in your pocket is a post-COVID stock coming from XpresSpa Group Inc (NASDAQ: XSPA). With a huge rally behind us we can naturally expect a small drop but in few months when the airports are opened again you should see return on your investment. With any surge in air travel their business is back again. They do airport massages and they are a well known brand, a keeper.

On the other side, have in mind that penny stocks are ruthless.

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  1. XpresSpa Group Inc doubt will surge up. This is a massage place. If there are people willing enough to trust others post Covid-19 and q4-2020
    Is the virus coming back after this first round is over?

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