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Overall energy consumption in Idaho increased during pandemic

Many Idahoans have been using more energy at home in recent months, industrial energy consumption in Idaho has surged during the pandemic, it is reported in the latest publication by Commercial Cafe. They looked at the year-over-year changes in energy sales supplied by Energy Information Administration (EIA). They also included data on the main energy sources.

Here’s how Idaho compares to the nation as a whole:

-Idaho recorded a 3.2% rise in total energy consumption.

-Conversely, it registered a 6.7% decline in energy requirements across its commercial sector.

-Idaho was one of six U.S. states to actually register an increase in industrial power consumption during Q2 with its 5.6% Y-o-Y bump.

-Energy consumption in the residential sector also increased by 8.5% Y-o-Y.
In comparison, overall energy consumption decreased 4% nationally.

-Unsurprisingly, the commercial sector saw the biggest drop—11% Y-o-Y, while residential consumption increased by 8% Y-o-Y.

Between April and June 2020, energy from renewable sources made up 23% of the total energy sales, as opposed to coal’s 16% contribution.

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