On Monday TSLA stock will be $444 and AAPL $125.What you need to know. – Idaho Reporter


On Monday TSLA stock will be $444 and AAPL $125.What you need to know.

The day of stock splitting has finally come and if you wonder what will be the price of stocks for Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) and Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) here is the answer.

Officially, TSLA shares will open the trading day at $444 and AAPL at $125, few cents up or down, depending if you are buying or selling.

If you piled up on your TSLA and AAPL shares in the previous period, and I am sure you did, this Monday will probably be the most exciting trading day so far, this year. After this event Tesla’s investors will probably look forward Tesla’s Battery Day and Apple fanboys will eagerly wait for 2020 iPhone event that may take place in 10-ish days, on September 8 or 9.

With AAPL stock priced at $125 you will have opportunity to make some easy profits, as iPhone event is just around the corner.

The same goes for TSLA stock which will open at $444 on Monday. Tesla’s Battery Day will probably be something of a groundbreaking event, which means that you may see some significant gains in September. But, have in mind that TSLA has surged over 300% before the stock split and Battery Day.

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