On Monday NKLA stock will be a household name. Here is what you need to know. – Idaho Reporter

NKLA stock news

On Monday NKLA stock will be a household name. Here is what you need to know.

Ten days ago Nikola Corporation (NASDAQ:NKLA) was a pretty much unknown company with a wish to succeed. Now that NKLA ticker is a part of Nasdaq company is getting media attention from some really big names, such as Yahoo or CNBC.

By the way ticker hasn’t changed in your app and if it says you hold no shares this means that you just need to wait some more time. You will probably see NKLA shares in your account once the change propagates, which is Friday.


Twitter hype machine did its job but now is time for everyone and your grandmother to find out about Nikola Corp. And Trevor Milton, Nikola chairman, is all around the place giving interviews and answering via social media 24/7. He knows the drill, no news is bad news, it is all free marketing.


“I will continually love our followers / investors and be accessible even when we become the top truck OEM in the world. Factory in Ulm, Germany almost finished. IPO complete. Station order kicked off yesterday, big revenue numbers. Bam!”-said Mr. Milton after Nasdaq closed. But on a question if we can see a picture of that Ulm factory, Mr. Milton noted that he will soon travel to Ulm, virus allowing and he will then share images of Nikola Corp factory.

And here is that Yahoo Finace interview with Alexis Christoforous and Brian Sozi.


Now that Yahoo Finance is out of the way we can expect Bloomberg, CNN and BBC followed by leading niche sites.This is how usually goes and from there we can probably expect more people investing into NKLA stock, higher daily volumes and a 3 digit price tag.

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