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NKLA stock flying on “the fuel of the future”

What a day for the hydrogen this was. I am not going to say this was only a great day for all NKLA shareholders, with NKLA stock skyrocketing more than 85% in a day, because this seems to be a movement. Pretty soon after Nikola Corporation ringed the Nasdaq bell on June 4th, I saw a massive amount of followers joining the NKLA movement. Everywhere, on social media, on trading platforms and in “real life”.

New, green era is Upon us and NKLA is leading the masses

It seems like Nikola Corporation hit the nail on the head when they decided to go with heavy duty and fast-fueling hydrogen cells.

According to Nikola CEO the future is here.


Nikola Corp is working on bringing the future into our lives and many believe that this time hydrogen will win over oil. With this thought in mind millions hurried to secure their spots among the early investors. The same happened with Tesla when they brought the future into our lives by creating a great looking EVs. At least we thought this was the future.

But it is not just Nikola that is betting on hydrogen, many huge corporations are entering the game. Furthermore I reported today that on June 4th, German government decided to set aside $10 billion to invest in growth of electrolysis capacity for renewable hydrogen production.

Later today Thyssenkrupp announced that they will expand their hydrogen production capacities for water electrolysis to gigawatt scale.

To simplify the construction of new hydrogen plants and keep costs down, thyssenkrupp offers its electrolyzers in prefabricated skid-mounted modules. One module produces 4,000 cubic meters of hydrogen per hour.


“Many countries around the world are currently planning to enter the hydrogen economy. Water electrolysis is increasingly emerging as a key technology for building a sustainable, flexible energy system and carbon-free industry. This opens up new markets for us,” says Sami Pelkonen, CEO of thyssenkrupp’s Chemical & Process Technologies business unit.

Today, NKLA stock was the 2nd most popular stock on Robin Hood trading platform adding another 26,000 shareholders, according to Robin track. In a day NKLA stock price doubled. A week ago I mentioned that NKLA stock might go to $100 before the year ends.

As more players are stepping into the game the cheaper this technology will become. Something is telling me that Lithium-ion battery powered cars are actually not the future, but we were all brainwashed to believe in that story.

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    I live in the UK and want to invest in NKLA, could you let me know what platform i could invest on

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