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NKLA is already 15 times bigger than TSLA, but is this good?

There are 2 completely opposite camps right now among the investors. The first one is cheering for Tesla Inc and the other, new one, is all for Nikola Corporation (NASDAQ:NKLA). The NKLA stock team is sure that the days of TSLA stock rallies are over and money will switch to hydrogen powered Nikola.

NKLA has disrupted TSLA. Tesla is yesterday’s news and Musk is day-old fish. If you focused on earnings you would have missed out on Tesla like Buffett missed out! Same goes for revenues: if you demand them, you will miss out on NKLA! Out with the old, in with the new!

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On the other side of the Wall Street there are voices saying that NKLA is probably a fraud and that you should pull back your investment because you will lose your money on this one.


TSLA stock holders are mostly seasoned investors while younger folks prefer NKLA shares. Some of them are saying how the skyrocketing price of NKLA stock is a completely normal thing because the same thing happened with TSLA shares after its IPO.

But here is the thing, Tesla was already producing EVs before their IPO and furthermore Tesla had revenues .

When Tesla went IPO Tesla did $120M of revenue and had a Market Cap of $1.7b and NKLA now has a valuation of $30b with $0 revenue. In today’s money $1.7B is around $2b which means that NKLA IPO value is 15 times bigger than the one of Tesla.

But everything is possible in the markets as we saw in the last few months.


And leaving such comments on social media is not a smart thing because $1,000 NKLA price tag is also possible, not sure if it going to happen before TSLA though.


Some analysts are saying that according to projected 2024 revenues and valuation Tesla is actually 3x cheaper than NKLA. But young investors prefer 100% gains in a day, that is a thing that TSLA investors are not counting on.

I look at a lot of charts, not for obscure mathematical calculations, but simply to get a broad sense of the market’s major directions and trends and the current trend is- stocks that can make you some lightning fast profits.


  1. William Naughton

    Three words: “Pump and Dump”. There is no other explanation for people paying $30 billion for a company that never delivered on their Nat Gas Truck, then didn’t deliver on their H2 truck. Then switched to EV truck with H2 truck sidelined 3 more years. They don’t have a factory. They don’t have any Mfg experience (anyone following Tesla knows that’s far from trivial). they have less than 400 employees (so no stellar engineering teams).

    400 employees….. $30billion…. Where’s the SE
    Some institutions are investing their client’s money in this…. isn’t there something call “due diligence”?

    The H2 truck is far more expensive to acquire and run than Diesel and much, much more expensive than EV.

    – There is no business model there and no infrastructure even if there was.
    Trucking companies don’t like sky high operating costs.

    But if I can reserve 800 with no money down and no obligation, sure…. make it a thousand with all the extras.

    So they are left with $10 billion in “orders” (no commitment, no money down, no checks). A blogger ordered15 Nicola Semis… because he could…. this is counted on Nikola potential revenue.

    Most of those orders won’t see Start of production until 2023… after EV Semis have had 2 years to evolve still further.

    Their 4×4 has an H2 option (requiring a COPV tank – bulky/expensive and a fuel cell – bulky/expensive)… because 600mi range is worth that vs 500 mi range of Cybertruck?
    ….. and at What cost?

    They don’t expect to make significant revenue until 2023….

    So who the heck is buying this? I have several bridges in New York (slightly used) that I have to sell them.

  2. Denny

    William Naughton, I’m think you are TESLA investor, and a NKLA short seller. Nice try shorty.

  3. Even Rafertty

    Dead wrong. Tesla’s revenues at IPO were all associated with their roadster, which they said they were going to shelve in favor of model S, which was pre-production. So no, Tesla also had zero revenue for awhile until they were able to sell Model S.

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