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NIO Inc launches NIO Life shoes, cooking pots and more

NIO stock was on fire on Wednesday when it skyrocketed more than 20% in a day.

If you invested in NIO I am sure you would like these products delivered to your doors.

New sleek design shoes from NIO Life brand coming your way.

And if you prefer cooking NIO came out with new set of three-layer copper hammered pot series.

And on top of that NIO recently released the large-capacity outdoor folding camping stroller. You can fold it in 1 second, convenient storage, easy to put into the trunk. It comes with all-terrain wide wheels. It is great for outdoor camping, beach going, express delivery and supermarket shopping.

And to make your travel easier and elegant here is a NIO branded rolling luggage.

It is obvious that NIO is working on creating a huge following and this is why they keep releasing new accessories that will keep the people engaged. They don’t say NIO is China’s closest competitor to Tesla for nothing.

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