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Nikola’s Badger pickup truck MSRP is $60K

In a series of tweets on Monday, CEO of Nikola Corp Trevor Milton said that we can expect to see their first SUV live on Nikola World 2020.


Following this tweet and the reaction from social media users he decided to post some 3D images of the truck that we are about to get to know.


The first question on this post was :” When can I order one? ” and Mr. Milton answered on June 29 with delivery date expected 2022. Badger will have bi-directional charging, a bigger battery option for folks who do not want the fuel cell and a sunroof but not as big as panoramic since it needs structure.

Of course this intrigued enough followers to ask for a price and Mr. Milton decided to answer this question.


So, a starting Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for NKLA Badger will be $60K and if you go with all the option it is expected to have a $90K price tag. Do you prefer this one or a Tesla Cybertruck?

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