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Nikola (NKLA) stock is only going up from here.

The Nikola Tre will launch first in Europe through a joint venture with Nikola and IVECO. It will be built in Ulm, Germany. (PRNewsfoto/Nikola Corporation)

Nikola, a developer of battery and fuel cell powered vehicles, is having a wild ride on Monday after a turbulent Friday. One NKLA share lost almost 20% today and investors are not happy.

But once in a lifetime opportunity to buy NKLA at such a low price is now twice in a lifetime opportunity thanks to the latest selloff. If you missed to board the train a month ago during the early days craze, Nikola stock is now available at a cheap price yet again.

No one knows if the price will go up from here, but if all the promises made by Nikola founder are going to materialize this will be a jackpot for all the early investors.

The same wild ride experienced by Tesla early investors made many millionaires and some became billionaires.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank took a close look at the stock. In an initial assessment, the analysts rated the value as “hold” and a target price of $54. This price now looks like something unreachable to all the scared investors that lost so much in the week behind us, but something is telling me NKLA will deliver, and if they do this will be a huge one.

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