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Nikola CEO:Analysts are idiots

Another bad day for Nikola Corporation (NASDAQ:NKLA) shareholders. NKLA stock price went 7.63% down on Tuesday and another 2.11% in after-hours session. Looks like everyone is nervous especially investors that entered a bit too late in the NKLA game. But this is not a game, it is a real company with a clear vision and it is betting on the power of the future. FUTURE. This means that NKLA stock will probably be a lot more expensive in the future, when hydrogen becomes an ordinary energy source.

And since everyone is nervous people started asking questions. One of the questions was sent directly to Mr. Milton, Nikola founder.

What’s your feeling on the reports about the stock dropping when the pipe investors sell?


Mr. Milton decided to answer this question rather than hundreds of other question on Twitter, probably because he had enough of it.

Short sellers trying to affect price. Most blue chip investors hold long, they don’t like day trading. Our pipe is full of blue chip. These analysts are idiots and hate you for succeeding at something they could never do. They’ll lose imo.


He also added that he is not allowed to talk about any big announcements (something investors are waiting for) because of “SEC stuff” noting that he ” can’t even keep track of all the mis information they spread and lies they post. I just do my thing and make sure we hit our targets. our trucks sale themselves from those that actually buy trucks and know economics of transportation.”

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