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LOWE’S COMPANIES, INC. Executive Vice President quits job and gets $2.5M

Jennifer L. Weber (Executive Vice President, HR) and Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (NYSE: LOW) signed agreement saying that Ms. Weber’s employment with LOW is terminated.

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. and Ms. Weber entered “into a Release and Separation Agreement on the Departure Date pursuant to which Ms. Weber is entitled to receive the following payments and benefits”:
Severance pay in an amount equal to $2,508,000 payable in substantially equal installments over a period of 24 months following the Departure Date.

This means that Ms. Weber will , according to this agreement, receive approx $100,000 each and every month for the next 2 years.

Not bad. In other news Lowe’s temporarily increased “wages by $2 an hour for every full-time, part-time and seasonal hourly store, contact center and supply chain associates”.


  1. Rick Ross

    Lowes is a prime example of why we cant fix the pandemic,greed where is the CDC making this greedy Corp shut down.They dont give a damn about their employees nor the public… People will go walk around lowes just because they are freaking open…They have very few essential products,unbelievable I wish everyone would boycott this selfish greedy company,may God be with all the employees,because your company is only concerned with profits….Hello CDC when are you shutting the doors are you getting a kick back?????

    • While I agree wholeheartedly I don’t think the CDC themselves have the ability to do much more than make recommendations. It is telling though that most media outlets are not drawing attention to the problem posed by people filling up Lowe’s

  2. Damian Rucksack

    Don’t blame CDC, blame that ass hat in the White House King Donald Trump

    • George Washington

      It’s not the job of the “President” to make sense of what is or isn’t “essential”. The “KING” of the Company should spell it out for people to understand the reason why these types of Business are open, unless you need Electrical, Plumbing supplies or an Appliance people shouldn’t be outside posing a risk to the front line workers who are being exposed unnecessarily.

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