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KBSF stock running on chatter and imagination

Another low float stock, this time Nasdaq:KBSF (KBS Fashion Group), from China is going to fly again. Seems as if the market cannot get enough of these Chinese plays, so why not humor the investors and write about it.

Here is the thing, this is not a long term investment you have been searching for. It is a “play” for seasoned investors and then some.

For the last 24 hours on Twitter and Reddit I have seen many people sharing how KBSF will surge today. One of them being Stan The Trading Man.


And when this account is pushing the stock this usually means that everything is set to go. So, even though Stan is saying how this company will grow to $25 b in revenue by 2027 this means nothing to you as no one knows what will happen in 7 years from now.


So, if you entered in KBSF stock before it peaked that is a good one for you because you will probably earn money with it. Will it go beyond $4 or $6 though? Depends on volume.


As you can see in the tweet above, it is said “just imagine if…”. So, with a lot of imagination this stock will move up, but then it will go down again. Make sure to exit before the dump starts.

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