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Is Hyliion (HYLN) the spiraling specialist or a bargain bin stock?

A big post-IPO loss and a bleak short-term outlook landed the HYLN stock in, what seems to be, the bargain bin.

Three days ago, I saw a problem with HYLN stock so I wrote an article where I predicted that HYLN may see $25. Hyliion (NYSE:HYLN) shareholders claimed how I was wrong. On Tuesday HYLN shares saw a 15% loss, which pushed the stock price to $33.20.

There is no HYLN news, everything is already baked in the price

Seems as if the biggest disappointment, from the HYLN stockholder point of view, was the fact that CEO of Hyliion did not come up with some contract news or anything that could push the price up.


Everyone and his dog knows that Hyliion is after commercial vehicles and that they want to be the leader in this niche. But Mr. Healy keeps talking about that in all interviews for a couple of months already.


We all know that, Yahoo Finance published it again, seems like Mr. Healy have nothing new to offer, at least for now.

…these fleet operators that we speak with, they operate hundreds if not thousands of vehicles. And so once you convince them that our technology is the right one for their fleet, then you have this recurring revenue stream.

Hyliion CEO-source

I really like Mr. Healy, he looks like a leprechaun dork but he is doing trucks and trying to fight against Tesla. You need big balls for that. I applaud him for this.

Furthermore I believe that the HYLN stock price will continue to be pressured as the SPAC market continues to transition following NKLA scandal. But in the long run HYLN seems like a great company to be invested in, unless big clients decide that natural gas powered trucks are not that interesting.

The bottom line

While a shift to a zero pollution market could be good for investors and for the HYLN itself, selloff has created an uncertainty that is anything but encouraging for the traders.

My rating on the shares is “stay away (for now)”, as I believe market changes will make trading profits more easier to come by in future periods. Of course, just one good deal could push the HYLN shares well above $40 but the future prospects for the stock won’t be easy. A great idea that will take some time to catch the fire, until then investors need to be patient.


  1. Alan Reader

    This is a very poorly written article, and likening Hyliion’s CEO to a “leprechaun dork” is incredibly amateurish. There is absolutely no new information offered here, just a personal jab.

  2. vonNeumann

    Unfortunately the writer is 100% correct. More experienced traders will agree that everything was priced in even 3 years in the future sales.

  3. Marko

    Are you joking Tesla’s share price is the most stupid over hyped stock on the market but this is a bargain at the prices it has real infrastructure in place with 700 gas stations built ready to use most these new EV companies all lie through there teeth Hyliion is being and not over hyped his stock true gent and proud to be part of this company I will hold my shares all the way

  4. Mahana

    The fact is you earler articles was RIGHT! I am holding tight though.

  5. Mahana

    But I don’t understand why the blame on NKLA and the other SPACs. NKLA has been going up nicely lately amd no other SPAC that I know, is going down like HYLN I think some people know something we don’t here

    • Mahalo

      Mahana is Trevor Milton on a fake account.

      • Mahana

        Tha is funny Mahalo! I did lose a couple of K with NKLA for getting out when the short report scared a bunch of us but they seem to be bouncing back nicely. Now I got in SHLL -> HYLN heavily at @40 and holding tight, LONG. Hoping for the best here

  6. Hugh

    This is definitely a bargain at this price. There is truth to thus article whether you like how it’s written or not. It’s going to take a contract announcement to give it a bounce. But if you get it now, tuck it away. It has the potential to be the future of long haul trucking. My bet is this may tank further but it’s a bargain at any of these prices. You will be sitting on a nest egg in a few short years. Invest and let it sit.

  7. Jonathan Leigh

    HYLN – this is not a short term stock! This is a stock that you buy and keep for 5-10 years. Let the CEO get the job done and worry about the long term success of this company. This is TESLA without the craziness of Elon. We don’t need crazy, we need steady long term success.

  8. Steven Robinson

    Spelling and grammatical errors abound in this article which makes for very unprofessional journalism, never mind the lack of sound reasoning in this article. Tesla in the early days after going public was one of the choppiest stocks on the market. Why should anyone expect Hyliion to be any different. No matter how low its stock falls, the fundamentals of Hyliion are in place and are sound. Patience, patience, patience! Two to five years from now, if the stock hasn’t moved much, that is the time to bemoan the failings of Hyliion.

  9. Mahana

    Congratulations on the $25 forecast, hope it starts bouncing and going back up soon, LONG!

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