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Internal Memo:Compass Airlines that operates for Delta and American is going out of business in 15 days

Compass Airlines, a A Twin Cities-based air carrier that flies for both Delta Air Lines and American Airlines, has announced that it will close its doors starting April 7.

Since Compass Airlines is going out of business this means that 12,000 employees will lose their job and finding a new job in the same industry will be impossible in this economic downturn.

The closure was relayed by Rick Leach, CEO of Compass-owner Trans States Holdings, in a memo to employees on March 19.

“I know this is difficult news to absorb. I personally am struggling to wrap my mind around this new reality that seems to change at every turn. I know that many of you will have questions and your management team will be available to help you find answers during this difficult time”.- it was noted at the end of the Memo.

Below is the Memo with all the details.

Major U.S. airlines are seeking around $50 billion in government aid to get them through the coronavirus crisis.

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