In 2008 CROX stock fell to $1, and it came back. Will it come back again? – Idaho Reporter


In 2008 CROX stock fell to $1, and it came back. Will it come back again?

To cut the BS, CROX (NASDAQ: CROX) stock price is already back from its March bottom ($10) and it is trading above $25 now (closed at $25.01 on Friday). On Friday shares of CROX stocks gained +1.44 (6.11%) and I am positive that producer of the ludicrous rubber shoe will gain even more strength as we see economies open up.

Just read the story from NPR posted on August 1, 2008. NPR said that CROCS is Losing Foothold Among Young Consumers (no pun intended?). “They’re comfortable, but they’re stupid. They’re ugly,” said Ashley Dixon, of Wichita, Kan. “They’re big and foamy … why did they even make them?”

To make money? Imagine being an owner of CROX stock back in 2008. You would probably think how you are the worst ever investor. The truth is, it was the start of the big economic crisis, similar to what is happening now. All the stocks were going down. If you do not trust me just compare a random stock, such as NYSE:KO and you will see similar pattern.

CROX is already established brand, there is no going back. Only a very bad management can ruin the company now, nothing else.

Here are the latest numbers for Crocs Inc stock as of May 10,2020

  • Price/Earnings trailing 12 months———–17.13
  • Earnings Per Share trailing 12 months—–-1.46
  • Most Recent Earnings————————0.22 on 04/23/20

New Average Analyst Ratings for Domo Inc

Analysts often make mistakes, especially in the situation of black swan event (such as COVID-19 crisis) but here are the latest ratings:

Strong Buy

Based on 6 analysts offering recommendations.

4 Strong Buy

1 Moderate Buy

1 Hold

How did NASDAQ:CROX stock performed recently?

When we are looking at the stock’s performance we should look at more than just a set of random numbers. We need to place those numbers in context to understand it properly. On the surface, it feels awesome to see that a stock you invested in has returned 30% Year to date when viewing the starting price versus the ending price, but you need to look a little deeper.

Here are the latest numbers for Crocs Inc.

Previous Close–23.57


Avg Vol–1,583,970

Stochastic %K–65.05%

Weighted Alpha-9.10

5-Day Change+2.94 (+13.32%)

52-Week Range8.40 – 43.79

In CROX we trust.

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