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Idaho church pays off $1.6M in medical debt

BOISE, Idaho — Thanks to a local church nearly 1000 people in Idaho are starting a New year with their medical debt wiped away.

Southminster Presbyterian Church Pastor Marci Glass said.-“It’s a sin quite frankly, that we have people going into bankruptcy over medical debt.You should be able to go to the doctor and be healthy and not lose your house or have to go collections over medical debt, so that’s a problem and we as a country need to figure out how to fix it.”

Back in November, the Southminster Presbyterian Church raised thousands of dollars through a craft fair, as well as donations, to purchase that debt from RIP medical debt, a nonprofit agency that bundles unpaid medical debt and allows churches to purchase the debt for pennies on the dollar. 

You can also donate to RIP medical dept via the widget below.

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