Hyliion (HYLN) gets close to $25 per share. Is that a new bottom? – Idaho Reporter


Hyliion (HYLN) gets close to $25 per share. Is that a new bottom?

Hyliion Holdings (NYSE:HYLN) stock is getting close to my prediction of $25 per share. What can we expect from now on?

If the sky seems a little darker today, the air a bit more fetid, that’s because the “unthinkable” has happened: Another day passed by without any news from Hyliion CEO.

That’s right, the company that would be Hypertruck king is boring, after all. The commercial transportation juggernaut reported nothing late Monday even though some stockholders expected this.


Is HYLN stock a good buy now?

Really, no one can be surprised by the stock’s punishing reception; we’ve been to this dance before. Analysts and investors go gaga over a company and the stock climbs higher and higher, prices in — you guessed it — perfection, and then inevitably doesn’t live up to expectations.

Hyliion is no fly-by-night internet startup that’s sucking wind, of course, but the routine is eerily familiar. And so is the reaction: HYLN shares dipped as much as 3.5% in late trading Monday, and another 0.5% during AH.

To buy or not to buy, it is a question. I am sure that investors are actually thinking more about selling than buying at this point, but we all know that investing is a game where patient investor equals success.

HYLN is not making the headlines anymore

While IPO day was a great way to meet with the press and talk about Hyliion future projects I think that the biggest news of the day was the fact that CEO became the youngest self-made billionaire.

I thought Kylie Jenner was, at 21, the youngest self-made billionaire. It is good to know that both pieces of click-baiting information are published by Forbes.

Anyway, the opportunity was missed, or it appeared to be so, but in my opinion there was nothing special to talk about or announce. That is why Mr. Healy talked about what he already mentioned several times before.

Now that the fire has settled down the stock price is following. HYLN shares are settling down. This was expected, and the only way to see price go up is to dazzle the masses with fabulously impressive trucking deal. If nothing happens in months ahead of us, bottom will go below $25.

P.S. Hindenburg Research is releasing a new short report tomorrow. Will they cover HYLN stock this time or some other EV company?


  1. jay

    trash article

  2. Greg

    I would rather have Thomas Healey report true accurate news than feed us a bunch of lies and misinformation like NKLA ceo did. In in this one for the long haul.

  3. Ronald A DeMar

    Knowledge is power well sometimes but, actionable knowledge is power… We don’t have enough actionable knowledge otherwise we would be billionaires as well…. Possibly but we need to know more we got to do the work the research And hopefully unlike the mainstream media that in this arena those who report give us one thing unbiased honesty this way they can help us make those decisions to buy hold or sell

  4. Chris S

    I’d like to know if the author, Robert K. Reed has a short position in this security.

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