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IndexNasdaq IXIC

How will INDEXNASDAQ IXIC perform on Monday?

It was another hectic week on Nasdaq . Somehow Nasdaq Composite (IndexNasdaq IXIC) ended up in green on Friday, but overall gained only 35 points in the week behind us. Because we are in month three, theoretically, of this crisis, the rally from here could be even stronger, perhaps 40% over the next 7 months.

The leading Dow Jones index rose after a weak opening in response to the latest economic data. Historically, these turned out to be bad, but not quite as bad as feared.

“While retail sales were negatively impacted by the lockdown and reflect the dramatic situation last month, the rise in industrial sentiment in the New York area is likely due to initial easing measures. However, the index is still deep in the negative range, so that an economic recovery cannot be inferred.” , Ulrich Wortberg from Landesbank commented on the latest U.S. figures.

Now that Nasdaq is slightly up question remains- is there any strength left for another rally. The U.S. government wants to tighten its sanctions against the Chinese network supplier Huawei, which means that a topic that has recently faded into the background in Corona times is returning to the agenda of the stock exchange with power (and a lot of explosive power).

There is concern that a flaring-up trade dispute could trigger an even deeper economic crisis than the coronavirus pandemic.

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