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How to get a refund from Expedia if your trip or flight was cancelled due to coronvirus?

how to cancel expedia trip coronavirus

Well that seem to be a $64,000 question since millions of bookings got cancelled in the last 2 months. Since coronavirus came to the Western Hemisphere many hotels, rentals and trips got cancelled due to coronavirus.

What to do and what is the best way to get your refund from sites like Expedia or Booking.

According to people on social media it seems like Expedia is contacting back people that leave their data to chat-bot on site.

If you call their support (usually calling is the best and fastest way) you will probably end up waiting for hours….and nothing will happen.


So, why waste time with “live” support when all agents are almost certainly busy answering thousands of calls.

Other option if you want to ask for a refund due to coronavirus cancelled trips is to use a simple chat bot on their site. People report that agents do call back and some even got a refund for non-refundable room, as we can see in the tweet below.


If you ask yourself if you should contact expedia via Twitter, the answer is -Probably not.

Because everyone and his grandma have Twitter app installed and the easiest way is to just send a DM and wait for the answer. This means that your DM to Expedia or Booking will probably end up burried uneder 1000s of other DMs.


If you go the Email route you are probably going to make a mistake as well, as there are 10K+ mails in their Inbox. Which means that they wont be able to help you with your cancelation due to travel ban.


We are back at chat-bot again. Some users report that this was the best way to get a hold of Expedia support following the borders closure.


On the other side many people report an endless loop that leads nowhere….which means you will just lose time. The last option is to do this.

So, if nothing works for flight cancellations follow these steps to cancell flight or get a refund for your canceled trip. And remember DO NOT WAIT FOR THE LAST 7 DAYS because then you will have to deal with Expedia customer support (Email, chat, phone…). So, if your flight is withing 8-14 days do this.

For flights:

On website, at top menu select >Support/Customer Support

Popular Topics
-Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
Flights- in 3rd paragraph click blue ‘this form’ to receive credit for future flight.
Enter requested info

Once finished you should receive Email reply confirming request.

If you purchased travel insurance, contact the insurance company directly for your refund. If you purchased travel protection through Expedia, check the Travel Guard site.

For Vacation Rental VRBO refunds: Expedia and VRBO notes that they are refunding 100% of the money they make through traveler service fees when you must cancel a trip due to COVID-19.T his is, according to Expedia, in effect for all stays booked before March 13 with a stay night between March 13 and April 30 and they say there is no need to call and confirm as this will happen automatically in the next 2 weeks. But this is for their FEES ONLY.

For Car Rentals: Fill out this form if you cannot cancel trip in Your Bookings.

We recommend that you check for all updates frequently, as the situation on the market is changing rapidly.


What is your experience with Expedia, Booking or VRBO refunds due to coronavirus? Please leave a comment.

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  1. Lynda Allen Sanders

    I am so disappointed with Expedia and will not recommend anyone use them in the future. We had a big trip planned when the virus hit going to Seattle where the major portion of the cases were initially. We decided to cancel our plans and tried to contact Expedia from the beginning. Never could get through on the phone, left messages, ask that they call back so I did not have to hold and never heard from them. Went to their website to cancel and filled out a form that they said had to be filled out and it stated they would get in touch with us. They never did. I filled that form out multiple times with no help from it. Continued to call and leave messages. No response. The flight times came and they charged us for the tickets. I bought their travel insurance which is worthless, does not pay if you are not sick and just afraid to fly. Not sure where to take this from here.

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