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HCAC stock rally starts, because SPACs are back

Just when everyone thought that SPAC related stock bubble has burst, these stocks are coming back, with a vengance.

With Nikola (NKLA) shares starting to bounce back, other SPAC stocks are following. HCAC shares being the best opportunity at this point.

While the company hasn’t issued any major news, there’s good reason for the excitement surrounding HCAC stock. Something is brewing in the Canoo basement. According to the November conference meeting the merger is expected to be completed on time, by the end of December. Team behind Canoo also noted that they’ve been receiving significant interest from commercial operators for the B2C offering, which is a new piece of info.

Also, somewhere around merger time, we can expect to see B2B last mile delivery vehicle reveal. Following merger, in January 2021, it is expected that the company will announce contracts for B2B vhicle.

During that same November Zoom conference meeting, when asked by the Barclay’s analyst about other potential partners or buyers for the skateboard, Alex Marcinkowski (in charge of Corporate strategy at Canoo) said that he was hoping he’d ask that question. “I know something you don’t know” – he added.

To be honest, all this means nothing until we see some big orders. But if Arcimoto (FUV) shares could get a 65% gain in just one day, I am sure Canoo can do it too.

HCAC (CNOO) is either going to be one of the biggest EV hits or it will be gone this time next year.

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