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GNUS stock retreats a massive 30% in pre-market, here is why

I woke up, took a sip of my tea and opened Google just to see that GNUS selloff came faster than everyone expected. Genius Brands (GNUS) stock is down more than 30% on Thursday morning.

But why is GNUS down?

Some 6 days ago there was a message that anyone, even the newcomers, were able to see on Twitter. Among all the pumpers there was a voice saying that not all is great in the world of GNUS. Seems like the day of reckoning has come.

Stock runs are always fueled by exciting stories, but the ending is almost always written in the boring fine print. We think $GNUS will crash spectacularly due to obvious market mechanics that its retail investor base is unfamiliar with– even in the frothiest of markets

Hindenburg Research

And this message was a part of the series of tweets that pretty much explained what will happen to GNUS, but some of the dreamers thought the ride will last forever.

Retail investors seem entirely unaware that ~131 million shares and share equivalents issued from $GNUS’s recent financing rounds will become available to trade within an estimated 2-4 weeks

On this news people started selling today, but it seems like this was a case of “you need to learn reading SEC filing” rather than a new stock offering.

Is it truth that GNUS stock price real value is around $1.20? Not sure but it seems like the market is going that direction. With so many speculation in the market no one knows what the real story is anymore.


Even if you see these kind of tweets:


…be careful what you are doing in this volatile market. Maybe Genius Brands is a long-term growth story but at this point this seem to be such a mumbo jumbo that it is the best to steer clear and find a better opportunity.

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