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GNUS stock plummeted as panic selling takes over

Another day and another insane day for GNUS investors. Who ever bought GNUS shares in April or in early May….he/she is a millionaire now (if you sold at $11). If you missed the train, tough luck because it seems like people started unloading their bags, pushing the GNUS price down.

We woke up to another great run for Genius Brands International Inc shares, and almost hit $12 in the first hour on Nasdaq. Soon after that traders started unloading batches.

With a historic volume of 409,160,100 on Wednesday the price increased to $7.93 and it went skyrocketing today all the way to $11.40. The share price immediately after that started plummeting and it is trading around $7.00 (10:30 EDT ). First there were some big sales as people wanted to take profits away and soon followed panic selling.

I hope that you are in the first group. Because if you are panic selling at $8 it means that you entered too late.

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