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GNUS stock is growing faster than BTC in its prime days. What you need to know

If you remember the early days of BTC you probably remember those 100%, 200% or 1000% gains for early investors. This is something that many of us cannot find elsewhere, especially on government regulated markets, such as Nasdaq.

But you are wrong because there is one stock that soared 1300% in one month on Nasdaq market. The best thing is that this stock can still make you a millionaire.

Genius Brands International Inc (NASDAQ: GNUS) stock price was $0.30 on May 1st. That is just a month ago. Today, GNUS stock price is trading at $3.82. Just today the stock gained additional 45%!

Is this even possible? Whoever invested a $1,000 bill in GNUS stock a month ago, saw incredible 1000% ROI, which means that for every $1 invested you got a $10 ROI. If you invested $1K a month ago, that would be a hefty $10K today.

The reason for this ludicrous growth? Genius Brands Shows signed an agreement to stream their program on Netflix, Alibaba, Apple TV,Amazon Prime… Also, the Company signed a Toy Licensing & Distribution agreement with Mattel.


  1. Guillaume Amram Dive

    Do you think it has the potential to go up even higher ?

  2. Jay Money

    Dumped $15k in at $1.60.

  3. JARED K.

    Nice article, thank you! I’ve been in since $1.30 with a modest amount of shares, but am enjoying the ride. What they’ve setup here is great and I for one think there is plenty more to come. But, I’m a newby, so take that with a grain of salt, haha.

  4. Philip Guele

    Well…It seems to me that Arnold Schwarzenegger, being involved with one of the cartoons, Stan Lee’s Superhero Garden is perhaps, at this point, worth more than the total market cap of this stock. Now if you add Warren Buffet and the Secret Millionaires club to the mix…it really makes you think. Wouldn’t Warren Buffet, the ultimate stock investor invest in his own project? He already threw himself into the production. It’s nothing for him to sit on the sidelines and just accumulate this stock. Well, if he tried to throw a 100 million lets say into this company’s stock in addition to what he may already own, which by the way is just spare change for him, what do you think that would do this stock price? It does seem like every time the stock moves lower, that there are buyers waiting to scoop it up. Wait a second, I forgot to mention that this cartoon network has several other brands as well. I don’t have space to comment on Baby Genius, Llama Llama, Rainbow Rangers, Space Pop, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab….One more noteworthy mention; the CEO of Genius used to write for the Flintstones, the Jetsons, and the Smurfs. Maybe Mr. Reed is really onto something.

  5. cj

    way over priced

  6. jerry rekowski

    I bought 927 shares at .25 🙂 my buddy bought 200,000 shares at .25 he up 1.4 million

  7. Juan

    just bought 35 shares that’s how much i can afford right now and i am up 133$ i am a newbie at his will anyone be a coach and give me tips and tricks please i will appreciate

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