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Ghost riders send woman’s Uber account sky high

A woman from Longwood Orlando had to call Action 9 consumer investigator Todd Ulrich to find out how it was possible for her Uber account to reach hundreds of dollars after she had closed it.

Gillian Hatcher said that someone from Uber called her at 2:13 AM claiming to be an Uber driver in Arizona. This woman said that she thought Hatcher’s account had been compromised. She called Uber’s emergency number requesting that they close her account. She was charged for three rides, amounting to almost $85 each instead.

The problem was that these rides were taken 2300 miles away from where she lives. Her debit card, which was linked to her account, was charged with $254 that night.

She was feeling really distressed by the situation and told Uber that it was a case of fraud as she wasn’t the person who had ordered the rides.

Hatcher did not get a satisfactory response from Uber at first and therefore contacted Action 9. A week later she was given a full refund.

This is not the first time that Uber is in trouble for how they handle consumer information. Two years ago they were accused of not reporting a large breach in data.

Uber said that in this case there was no data breach and that they could not discuss the matter further without Hatcher’s consent, but that they will be investigating the case further. They did say that once Gillian gave consent, they would be happy to discuss the details of this particular incident and inform other users of how to prevent a repeat of this incident.

Tommy Orndorf with Bayshore Interactive commented: “Just keep in mind Uber will never ask for information, will not ask for personal information. Nobody is going to call you from Uber or Lyft”

The initial call Hatcher received was already suspicious, but she says she did not share any personal information during that call.

Uber representatives assured other users that their accounts are secure and credit and debit card information is encrypted and that this information cannot be seen by anyone, even if they hack into your Uber account.

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