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FVRR Stock

FVRR stock is going toward $100, but is this too fast?

Fiverr International Ltd (NYSE: FVRR) stock price closed Tuesday with another all time high price . This time the price is at $63.30. This is a 7 percent increase compared to Monday.

But what is pushing the price to go up and up and up? Is this too fast? A month ago FVRR stock price was only $36.28. On May 3rd, when I wrote this article, I said that I expect the share price to go above $50 before summer. This already happened and we are now well above $60.

We are approaching $70 level and if the price continues to steadily go towards $70 we may see this level crashed before the end of this week. And the stock is entering “hold” price (in my opinion) when it reaches $70.

I know I said before that we may see $100 before the end of this year, but I also said that the best thing would be to wait Q2 results. Sure, many new freelancers signed up with the platform, but the question is: How much can one company earn with gigs such as …

I will scrap emails from any website or social media platform for $5



I will draw big heads cute vector for $5


All in all I still think that FVRR stock is a great long option for you, but not sure if $100 is realistic price target(before we see Q2 results). If you bought FVRR when I first suggested it you would double your money by now. But if you buy it now I am not sure for how long would you have to wait to double your investment.

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