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FMCI stock is probably the safest SPAC so far

Forum Merger II Ord Shs Class A (NASDAQ: FMCI) stock could see $50 post merger, here is why.

After killing the earning in Q3 with preliminary revenue of $41.0 million, which is a 71% YoY growth it is safe to say that by investing in FMCI you are investing in a real company.

Tattooed Chef not even bragging about their numbers

I have been following SPAC mergers during 2020 and one thing seems to be common for all those SPACs. Everyone seem to be pumping their stock prior to merger and IPO day.

This is not the case with Tattooed Chef and FMCI. Looks like they are so confident in their business model that they couldn’t care less what the street is talking. They know they will crush the estimates each and every quarter.

This is what, in my eyes, makes FMCI stock a safe investment that will go well beyond $50 post merger date.

Separate Good from the Hype

When investing you should always do your DD no matter what Jim Cramer or your favorite Twitter “analyst” is saying. This way you will save (and earn) a lot of money in the long run.

Tattooed Chef is already in big stores like Costco or Target and if you think cauliflower burgers cannot earn you big bucks you are so wrong. Personally, I expect a triple digit growth in the next quarter. Lets see if this will age well. What do you think?

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  1. Aaron Kelly

    I’ve calculated a conservative $43.50 short-term PT on it, expected by the first earnings report as Tattooed Chef, Inc.

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