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Fisker blames SPAQ stock failure on attack of short sellers

Fisker chief executive officer Henrik Fisker hit out at short sellers (“somebody”) who he claimed launched an attack to drag down the SPAQ’s share price.

One thing you do not do when you are under a short sellers attack, you are not defending yourself, especially via Twitter.


Trevor Milton, founder of Nikola, also blamed short sellers for the company’s eventual collapse, and previously in 2006 Enron’s founder Kenneth Lay, blamed short sellers for Enron’s collapse.

SPAQ stock plummeted more than 20 percent in the last 20 days but Mr. Fisker is not worried about that as he really likes to throw random numbers out there:

“We’re planning conservatively 50,000 vehicles in ’23. That’s our first full-year production; we don’t really count in ’22 because that’s not a full year. It’s just the end of the year. So ’23 is 50,000 vehicles”.

He also said that:”If you think about our flexible lease – if you think about we make, let’s say—I’m just going to give a number—100,000 cars a year eventually.”.Because 50K, 100K…I mean , that is nothing, right? Why stop at 100K?

Well, Mr. Fisker is not stopping there, he also said this:”We are not a niche-maker that comes out and says, “We’re going to make just, you know, 50,000 cars a year.” This platform has been designed to eventually be producing several hundred thousand vehicles a year“.

So, there you have it, this might be the reason why SPAQ stock price is going down.

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