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First photos of NIO’s English UI appear online.

Seems like Nio Inc (NYSE:NIO) is preparing to go places, many places outside China that is. In a bid to conquer the world of EVs Nio reportedly launched English version of its user interface, as reported by a China Teacher Brand via his Twitter profile. A sneak peek featuring the first images of NIO’s upcoming English Software Version have emerged online.

The user is satisfied with this update saying that he “can’t wait to get the OTA update!”- OTA being over-the-air update of the software.

source: @ChinaTeacher1

The electric car manufacturer Nio was able to more than double the number of vehicles delivered in August compared to the same month last year. In September, the capacity of the monthly vehicle production will continue to increase and reach the mark of 5,000 units, as announced by CEO William Bin Li.

On Wall Street, however, Chinese stocks were among the big losers on Thursday afternoon.

Nio stock lost more than 6% of its value during Thursday trading day and another 1.87% after-hours. Will this updated user interface help NIO stock price in the short term?


  1. John

    NIO is going places. They are very innovative and quality is a top priority.

  2. LQ

    This young and strong fast growth NIO EV company is gaining big EV market share

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