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Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin wants a 4-day-week and 6-hours-day

Sanna Marin (34) is the youngest head of government in the world. She leads a center-left coalition in which all 5 ruling parties have women as chairmen. Her suggestion to work the 4-day-week and the 6-hour-day are the next steps for Marin. 

Sanna Marin is the Prime Minister of Finland. The 34-year-old Social Democrat was celebrated internationally thanks to her women’s government: in the center-left coalition of five parties, all party leaders are women.

For the Sanna Marin herself, the fact that she is young and also a woman doesn’t really matter:

“I’ve never thought about my age or gender; I think of the reasons that brought me into politics. “

The question of how much Finns have to work plays a bigger role. Marin called for much shorter working hours on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Social Democratic Party SDP in Turku. As Minister of Transport and Communication at the time, she said:

“A 4-day week and a 6-hour work day. Why shouldn’t that be our next step? Are eight hours really what we need? I think people deserve to spend more time with their family, loved ones, hobbies and other aspects of their lives – like culture. That could be the next step in our working life, ” said Sanna Marin .

The proposal was immediately welcomed with enthusiasm by the minister of education Li Andersson, leader of Vasemmistoliitto, the union of the radical left, who said: “It is important to allow Finnish citizens to work less. It is not a question of governing with a feminine style but offering help and keeping promises to voters ”.

Therefore, Prime Minister Marin and Minister Andersson are currently studying how to start a wide experimentation that will shorten the working week, which is currently 5 days a week in Finland and 8 hours a day.

Inspiration could come from neighboring Sweden, where, in 2015, the short week was introduced in Gothenburg, the second largest city in the country.

The working day, consisting of 6 hours, was untouched only for hospital staff and for those who work in public offices, such as police.

A real revolution that, according to statistics, has made employees more productive, happy and vital.

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