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Everything is already priced in NKLA stock. What you need to know

After NKLA stock rallied $60 to $80 a share in just under one month everyone and his grandmother expected how they will get rich quick if they enter Nikola Corporation shares on the top. But of course everything went downhill from there. Investors hang up on NKLA stocks Thursday amid concerns that there is nothing new or groundbreaking that can push the NKLA stock up at the moment.

Nikola’s run to record highs this week has been based on the assumption that bet on the energy of the future will outlast the recent economic slowdown. But with many weak hands in the game, some of those bullish bets came off.

When will NKLA stock be in Vogue again?

The main reason, in my eyes is the fact that everything is already priced in NKLA stock price, even the hype on social media. But if you are among the shareholders that entered at the IPO day or pre-IPO you are probably very satisfied with your investment so far because you know this is a long game. And it is much easier to stay relaxed when you actually have 300% ROI.

So, when I say that everything is already priced in, I am talking about “up to 800” trucks that Anheuser-Busch, the maker of Budweiser beer, is supposed to purchase, I am talking about the new technology, I am also talking about the fact that Nikola is not a niche brand anymore, it is a household name, and finally I am talking about Nikola Badger, the anti-Tesla Cybertruck pick-up.

But the day when Nikola will be back in the game might be exactly the day of Badger reveal. That day you will be able to reserve the most badass zero-emission truck on June 29th , coinciding with the Nikola World 2020 , where the Phoenix (Arizona) -based company is expected to also showcase its revolutionary battery that promises to double the autonomy of electric vehicles. Trevor Milton assured that in the event on June 29 “you will see a unit of the real ‘pick-up’ in operation , not a fake truck.”

We are in the midst of a market inflection that is changing the landscape of transportation … and I believe investors are now uniquely positioned for continued growth. Of course, the first one to starts serial production (TESLA vs Nikola) will be the winner.

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