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EV stock loser of the day-FSR, here is why

In a day when many EV stock jumped, almost 20%, FSR got a “flop of the day” award.

What happened?

Investors are jumping ships and fast, seems like nothing can stop FSR stock from plunging into the abyss. Many investors, scared that they are missing on an opportunity, are selling FSR and buying NIO, XPEV and NIU.

In a day that is the best day for EVs this year so far, FSR managed to have another red day.

But some FSR investors are not losing the faith:”NIO is expected to do sales of roughly 40k cars this year. FSR expects to do 50k-100k in 2023 and 2024. Also, US play vs. Chinese play. Food for thought.”

I am not sure this reasoning is rational, especially if we have in mind that NIO is delivering thousands of vehicles each month already, while Fisker may deliver vehicles in the future, if everything goes right.

What is next for FSR stock?

Fisker shares are a prime example of “do not fall in love with stocks” expression, and especially if the guy that runs a company already failed to profit on EVs.

The best case scenario for FSR shares is the bleeding will stop. The worst case scenario is- nothing is going to happen with Fisker production, at least nothing of a huge importance. So, be prepared to wait a long time to see the profits and 20% a day rally. Such as the one we saw today at all the Chinese EV stocks.


  1. Phil

    Only one this is for absolute certain when it comes to idahoreporter.

    Much like the impossibility of spaq falling beneath 10 dollars.

    .. is that he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.

    Certified noob.

  2. Alex

    These EV stocks keep rising. XPENG was up 36% yesterday, driven by strong results. Other Chinese EV stocks are rising too. NIO is through the roof!!!

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