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Eastman Kodak (KODK) stock- Buy, Sell or Hold?

Eastman Kodak (NYSE:KODK) stock is trending again after positive news on Wednesday. With the rise above the last, small interim high of approx. $10.00, a buy signal has definitely arisen. So it may well be that things are now moving up towards the end of July high of $60.00.

The situation of the trend indicators must still be classified as very bullish and therefore gives tailwind. Even if there should be another setback, it must not permanently slide below $4.00. The important 200-day line runs there. A price below this would turn the bullish situation into bearish.

The moving averages : 38-day line (neutral) | 100-day line (bullish) | 200-day line (bullish) | We are basically in an upward trend. Although the price is not above the 38-day line, it is still trading above the important 200 and 100-day lines. This is generally considered a buy signal.
○ The high-low channel : upper band (bearish) | Lower band (bullish) The channel with period 30 is currently trending sideways. Because the upper band is falling and the lower band is increasing.

○ The Macd indicator (Eastman Kodak stock): (Below zero – but rising) It is below the zero line but the signal line is above the trigger line. This could be interpreted as a buy signal.
○ The Rsi indicator : (Neutral) This indicator is in the neutral area. So far there is no exaggeration in any direction.
○ The stochastic indicator : (buy-signal) This oscillator is back in the neutral zone. But it has triggered a buy signal in the past few days.

AT the end, anyone who entered KODK shares 2 days ago is already winning big time, the momentum depends on today’s volume.

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