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Dozens of United and Delta Air Lines pilots tested positive for COVID-19

United Airlines is losing more than $100 million in revenue per day, as planes fly with around just 15% of seats filled this week, President Scott Kirby told employees Thursday in a town hall meeting. “The goal once we get down to October will be to get our cash burn down to zero for as long as possible.”-Kirby said.

We previously reported that Delta Air Lines is burning $50 million per day.

But besides burning cash United and Delta are also “burning” its employees.

From that same United Town Hall Meeting yesterday, we also learned that coronavirus is spreading among the United Airlines staff. This was not the breaking news yesterday so we decided to write this piece. According to one of the employees this is the list of,so far, confirmed cases.

  • 71 FAs tested positive for COVID-19
  • 26 pilots tested positive for COVID-19

And according to one pilot on Airline Forum, 35 Delta pilots have tested positive for the virus,while another poster said that there are “29 positive with another 30 awaiting results.”


Another United pilot reported on his ordeal with coronavirus infection, saying that he “always expected to get it, just never expected to catch it on the front end” -and added that his “last trip was TXL on the 7th. No one from the crew is sick.”

He dialed 911 in the morning of March 25,after coughing up blood. But he reports that he was not feeling well since March 16. On March 18 he visited doctor but the doc only gave him “some cough medicine” and Z pack (antibiotics).

UPDATED April 4, 2020

One of our readers sent us a couple of links to other cases.

First is a James “Jim” Anthony Kelly, aircraft maintenance technician for United Airlines at Newark Liberty International Airport, unfortunately he died on April 2nd, 2020 from complications of COVID-19.

Second is the baggage handler at Newark Liberty International Airport, Carlos Consuegra Sr., he also died from COVID-19 complications. He was taken to the hospital about two weeks ago, where doctors said he had an ear infection and was sent home.

In other news: A 63-year-old pilot with Kenya Airways died yesterday after he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Two more pilots from Kenya who tested positive are admitted at Mombasa Hospital.


  1. Dennis

    First there is no separate United and Continental airlines. The two companies merged in 2010 and now flies under the United name.

    Second when writing an article make sure of the facts before publishing.

    • Second

      Shut up Dennis.

      • Dennis

        My comment still stands, I see you did not have the courage to have your name associated with your comment which I found rude and without substance.

    • Valerie

      Where does the article mention Continental?

      • Dennis

        Thanks Valerie for not going ballistic over my comment as some others have done.

        When the article was first posted it stated that the named individual worked for United and Continental. Since I made that comment the article has been changed and that reference has been removed.

        However if you click on the second gentleman’s name it will take you to his Obit and it does state that he worked for Continental and United.

        In order for him to have worked for Continental and United he would have been working for Continental until the merger in 2010 and then absorbed into the United work force.

  2. Tiger King

    Dennis, you’re just like that bitch Carol Baskins.

    • Dennis

      Tiger King, I don’t know who Carol Baskins is and furthermore I don’t care who she is.

      When I made my comment it was a legitimate comment at that time, since my comment the article has been rewritten to the point where the statement I was commenting on has been remove/rewritten. I have been unable to find the original article that was posted do to the updates to the article and there has been several.

      • Robert K. Reed

        True, I updated the article after your comment was posted.

  3. Bob Johnson

    That paint scheme has nit been used in y es ars glad they got an up-to-date photo fir the articke but the info is valuable

    • Dennis

      That is an old paint scheme and United has not flown the 747 In a couple of years.

  4. Janice

    There are much better things to be upset about continental united American Usair Northwest Delta so what Dentist there are many more important things to be worried get over it

    • Dennis

      Janice I don’t know where you get the idea that I am worried about continental, United, American, USair, Northwest (Now part of Delta) and Delta. I was just pointing out in my original comment that an individual that had passed away could not have been working for the two companies named at the same time as the companies had merged in 2010. Unfortunately I did not quote that particular area of the article and the author has since rewritten the article so that my comment does not make since to anyone that did not read the original post.

      The second part of my Original comment and I quote “Second when writing an article make sure of the facts before publishing.” was my displeasure of the way reporters go for the sensational without fact checking and this goes not only for print but also for radio and television reporters and when it comes to aviation they don’t know an aileron from a flap from a horizontal stabilizer.

      A reporter should not be reporting on something that he/she is not familiar with until they do become familiar with the subject and or verify with someone knowledgeable in the area that what they are talking about is accurate.

      Now days reporting ( both print and radio and tv) is not about the who, what, when, and how but about how much sensation they can get out of a news story. If you have noticed especially with the 24 hour news channels they repeat the same story without updates for days on end.

      And as a side note my name is spelled Dennis not Dentist, I will take it that it was a typo on your part.

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