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DGLY and AAXN stock going up on new police legislation changes

The less chockeholds the more cameras and other gadgets. If a police officer cannot use his/her hands to stop a criminal they will use other ways, such as tasers. On the other hand they will probably need more wearable tech, such as body cameras. This is where Axon Enterprise Inc (NASDAQ: AAXN) and Digital Ally, Inc.(NASDAQ: DGLY) come in handy.

According to Washington Post “chemical gas and chokeholds has been restricted in cities including Seattle, San Diego and Denver.” Furthermore “Democrats have unveiled legislation that would ban the use of chokeholds and require federal law enforcement officers to wear body cameras, among other steps.”

So, there might be a law that will enforce an officer to wear a body camera and if this goes through DGLY stock will go through the roof. Literally.


On the other side, tasers are widely used by the U.S. police but with all the bans cops are left with nothing more than tasers and guns. Using a gun is the last source and prior to gun many cops use taser to subdue the bad guys. This is why I think AAXN shares are a safe bet and a long investment. The world is not going to get safer. The more people there are on planet Earth the more insecurity will be in the streets.

Axon Enterprise Inc (NASDAQ: AAXN) is up 2.5% on Wednesday while Digital Ally, Inc.(NASDAQ: DGLY) is having a tough time with weak hands and is losing more than 10% at 11:55 EDT.


  1. Guillaume Amram Dive

    What are your thoughts on DGLY ?
    Seems to be part of an industry that will benefits from the unfortunate Floyd case.
    Is it a risky ST investment ( a month) ? Considering it almost always went up after similar riots and the future rules that the police will have to follow seems to increase their demand

  2. Guillaume Amram Dive

    And if you have time to make research, what do you think of Supercom (SPCB)?
    I believe there is an opportunity there but not sure if their products are actually necessary even though they just signed an important contract with Latvia.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. Bilbo Fagbag

    Its down you retard

    • Guillaume Amram Dive

      You were saying ? I don’t know why people talk so assertively when there is so much uncertainty. Hope you learn the lesson: think before talk and stay patient.
      Also, don’t be so negative, you will see it it helps living a good life espacially these days 🙂
      Have good evening!

  4. Boogaloo


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