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Delta Air Lines, United and AA are getting a bailout but they are not giving refunds for cancelled flights

The United States Congress has agreed to the approval of the most powerful economic rescue plan in the U.S. history, an arsenal of nearly two trillion dollars to help relieve the economic impact of Coronavirus.The agreement between the White House and Republicans, on the one hand; and the Democratic opposition, on the other hand, arrived at around one in the morning on Wednesday after five days of intense negotiations.

The deal still needs to be approved by the Senate and House of Representatives. But the thing that strikes me the most is the fact that big corporations (airlines) are not even trying to give a full refund to millions of americans that had to cancel the flight due to coronavirus lockdowns,


With one in three Americans called to stay home, schools and businesses closed across the country to curb infections, the government and Dems are seeking to avoid an economic and social debacle. There are already more than 55,000 infected in the country, more than 800 dead.

In case of Delta Air Lines they are mostly going with vouchers/points that people can use for future flights. But many people are complaining that they need cash in these uncertain times and not some points that who knows if or when will they use.


On their site, Delta is saying that you can cancel your ticket and the value of the ticket will become an eCredit for future use. Furthermore, they say that “You can cancel and/or change travel by December 31, 2020, or your ticket expiration date. Your unused ticket will be applied toward your new flight, and in some instances a fare difference will apply. If the new fare is lower, you will receive an eCredit for the difference.”

So, basically they are saying that you can cancel the trip, but you cannot get your money back. Only eCredit for the future use. Meaning, your money will stay with them.


But Delta is not the only company doing this. Similar situation is with United Airlines passengers stranded around the world.


People are complaining that United is basically going to reinvest THEIR money into company instead of giving a full refund. If the flight was cancelled, or if the passenger refuses to take a flight due to COVID-19 pandemic why cant United just issue a full refund?


And penalizing your customers $300 if they want to cancel a flight? What is with that? WIth United Airlines it is business as usual.

A petition calledUnited, give cancelled COVID-19 passengers refunds, not flight credits” is started 6 days ago at where people are asking for full refund in this time of global crisis.

Besides Delta and United, another company, American Airlines is reportedly trying to enforce their ‘no refund’ policy during COVID-19 crisis.


American Airlines social media team did say that their “Global Reservations team navigates a record number of requests” at this time and problems with refunds may be connected with this.

On the other side, following tweet explains that this specific situation creates a specific problems, such as:


Kristed Kelton is frustrated by American Airlines policy that changes each day. She say that she paid for 3 tickets, she is under shelter in place orders; hotel and events canceled; no ability to travel now and she adds that “a voucher is not the same thing as a refund. Everything is different in the world now. Selfish business!”

And for the end of this report lets not forget how American Airlines treats its customers when there is no pandemic.

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