Delta Air Lines flight attendants refuse to offer disinfectant wipes to passengers in economy class – Idaho Reporter

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Delta Air Lines flight attendants refuse to offer disinfectant wipes to passengers in economy class

With COVID-19 outbreak continuing to spread, almost all airlines are giving their best to help stranded travelers, from issuing refunds to taking precautions to sanitize and prevent the virus from spreading.

Economy class passengers aboard Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis to Winnipeg Manitoba were denied disinfectant wipes, just because they were sitting in cheapest seats, at the back of the plane.

According to post by Andrea Grove-McDonough, director of cross country and track and field at The University of Toledo, her “68 year old mother was on a flight last night trying to get home to Canada”. At one point Delta Air Lines flight attendants started offering disinfectant wipes on a plane until they got to the last 7 rows.

“When passengers asked if they too could have some they were told “THE WIPES ARE NOT FOR ECONOMY CLASS” -she added.


According to Delta Air Lines website, they use a “high-grade, EPA-registered disinfectant on all flights, which is rated to combat many communicable diseases.” Furthermore they say that they “hold high standards of cleanliness on all Delta flights and are committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for you every time you fly”.

Yesterday, Delta Air Lines together with another 9 airline companies issued a letter urging Congress to move swiftly to pass a bailout bill.


  1. Ginny

    I guess they don’t care about people in the cheaper seats. I took a flight from Dothan to Atlanta on the 10th. When I boarded the plane there was trash on the seat and in the floor. I was seated in the very last row. They say they’re taking extra precautions with cleaning but that show they’re not.

    • Bre

      so, seriously… you believe this???? wow!!!

    • Jo-Anne Baldo Marshall

      Flight crew are risking their lives too. You should be responsible for yourself.
      The planes are sanitized prior to boarding. If passengers are flying without taking the advise they see every on the news they are the ones putting everyone else at risk.
      If you were so concerned then you should have brought your own. You should have it with you anyway. So this tells me you went from your home, to the airport, to check in, then security, probably sat down at the gate. How many people did you infect???
      P.s. in case you didn’t know there is soap and water onboard in the bathrooms.
      Maybe you never used it after going to the bathroom!!! Auh…shame on you and shame on the reporter for posting this.stop complaining about the small stuff and do a good gesture for someone.

      • Fiorella

        No! Shame on you @Jo-Anne Baldo Marshall! You’re saying that it’s okay for first class passengers not to bring their own wipes, while it is not okay for the economy class passengers! It’s like you’re saying that only first class passengers are entitled to feel safer; and you, poor economy passengers, are on your own!

        We are now in this very crucial situation when people and companies should have compassion with and help each other to be safe in order to survive. Maybe you don’t feel anything because you’re a prima donna who’s been traveling first class all the time and thinks that you’re above anyone else because you’re in first class? If I am wrong, yes, you may have brought your own wipes, but how do you know if this lady just could not get one at that time? Or maybe she’s not worried because airplanes are supposed to be sanitized (?). But, as a passenger, if ones sees flight attendants passing “wipes” to passengers, wouldn’t one feels inclined to ask, too?

        At this time, regardless of one’s social status, no one should be discriminated. This virus does not discriminate, and you can be one of the unlucky ones!

        If Delta’s guideline says that they are there to protect the safety of their passengers, this means ALL passengers. If you think that airlines are completely disinfected, then why give “wipes”? Precaution? Then, why first class only? Sure, flight attendants are the front liners. Do you think they are safe from the first class passengers? I have seen first class passengers in the past who reeked and some looked like they haven’t taken a shower for days, and they have the luxury to pay for first class!

        This woman could have disinfected herself before boarding, and just like everyone else at the airport, anyone can be a carrier, including you! Whether you fly economy or not, just put yourself in the same situation as this lady; and if you still can’t feel anything, then you’re a scum!

        You’re telling to do a good gesture, yet you condone the action of the flight attendant and dare to scold this lady. Really? Is this the way to show your good gesture?

        The flight attendant a part of Delta, no?

        • Lisa A Barnes-Powell

          Well said she is out of touch

        • Will D

          Love your response! Some people are clueless when it comes to flying and airlines.

      • Richard Smith

        All I will say is your a clold hearted Bi**h and no shame on them shame on you

      • Nancy

        I totally agree with you. Take some personal responsibility for heavens sake. The whole world is turning into a bunch of cry babies.

        • Lisa A Barnes-Powell

          I hope you get coronavirus and you better not cry I am a nurse she is 68 years old my God. Am I my brothers keeper No you are not!!!! @ Nancy

      • Lisa BarnesPowell

        You sound dumb as hell these people are beginning the tax payers!!! For a ballot and this is how you treat them and the woman is 68years old trying to get home where was the flight attendants heart if she doesn’t want to fly she doesn’t have to she can stay home she is not a essential employee Miss you and your mother remember the treatment Delta have you because this is not going to last forever and take your money elsewhere and see how that helps the flight attendant. PS they don’t clean those plane you get off and less than 30 min later they are boarding the next flight you do the math

      • Denise Pietrzak

        You actually think they clean the inside of the planes between flights???? You are SOOO misinformed..they barely have time to empty the sewage.

      • Will D

        Planes are not sanitized between flights. They are allotted so much ground time. Also this women probably wanted to wipe down tray table, arm rest, seatbelt, overhead air and light controls.

    • Jeanie

      Delta is one of the best airlines in the world with highly trained flight attendants who are very service oriented. If they did not give those wipes by the time that they got to the back of the airplane it is simply because they didn’t have enough and no other reason. I have flown on Delta recently with a disabled spouse, a nurse and support dog… every one on the ground or in the air could not have been more caring and kind… if I have a choice, I always choose Delta first.

      • Fiorella

        I am a Delta frequent flyer, too. I think that this particular flight attendant should be reprimanded as she gives shame to Delta’s reputation!

  2. Karl Porter

    Have the attendants and executives arrested then shut the airline down entirely.

    • Bradley Kyle

      Karl your a typical IDIOT

      • Melissa

        You’re***…the irony of you calling someone an idiot. Lol

        • Robert a. Linthicum

          Well my take on this is bring your own stuff just in case my wife is a flight attendant been one for many years my son also and they have to follow the rules so don’t knock them for doing thier job’s . Robert a.

    • Robert

      Really!!! Give me a break!

    • Katrina C Brownlee

      It’s your responsibility to bring what u need to keep your area clean shame on u if u dont walk with it dont blame airlines and u shouldn’t be flying anyway

  3. Bobbie Gordon

    That’s. terrible maybe we should stop flying delta they take our money

    • ATC

      If you’re in the cheap seats how much money do you have to take elsewhere? Just asking for a friend.

    • Pete

      This is at a minimum a fake story. More likely a self centered flyer you know the type once they board they feel they own the plane.

  4. Valerie

    Maybe you should get a grip on yourselves… why were you even flying if it was so important for you to be sanitized on a flying machine.

    • Gary Lomazoff

      It’s possible they did just run out, the stores are running out and if the next flight was a quick departure then wipes may not be a normal item.

  5. DM

    I know a few flight attendants and they would never have done that!

    • Debra

      I was a flight Attendant for 25 yrs, trust me, they would do that AND MORE!!!

  6. Olivia

    It’s not the flight attendants fault.They were following the rules. I know I was a Delta Flight Attendant

  7. Lynn

    We don’t get sanitizer wipes on the flights. The airplanes are disinfected with a fogger between flights. If we are likely, we MIGHT get 8 sani wipes in our drawers. This is false news

    • Eileen Hamilton

      That’s insane. I’m a Delta flight attendant and we do not pass out wet wipes to passengers! We are supplied with a small bag of sani-wipes in each of our galleys for us to use. Most passengers bring their own. And no flight attendant that I know would EVER deny a passenger a wipe if a passenger asked for one and we had them. And certainly not because they were in “economy class”!

  8. Marshall

    No plane for Delta has only 7 rows of Economy class.

  9. anne

    seriously people???? only the last 7 rows of the aircraft are economy?? laughable at how far people will
    go to get attention…

  10. Shane

    These people are adults bring your own wipes pull up your big boy pants good grief!!!!

  11. Jan Adair

    Personal responsibility… Bring your own wipes, wear a mask, whatever you need to be safe. Don’t expect everything to be given to you!

  12. Ok everyone. All airlines are guilty of messing up. Delta American and United have had some major screwups. Delta as whole, has some of the best customer service. However Delta, you screwed up big time in this one. It doesn’t matter how much you sanitize your planes (and by the way, they are sanitized once per day), people are not going to feel safe unless they have some type of control.

  13. ANK

    It’s not a surprise that you are traveling on an airplane. Bring your own disinfecting wipes. Everyone needs to start practicing social responsibility.

  14. John

    Totally unrealistic. Anything to create news… at best they might have run out… I doubt if the reporter did some investigation to see if their sources were reliable. Typical news these days!

  15. Brento

    Bring your own wipes..

  16. boop

    this can’t be true, deltas sani wipes active ingredient has been proven to be ineffective against covid

    also all the flights are going out with ~4-19 people on board and they ALL have sanitizer. there is no way this is true

  17. Kathy

    Delta would never have that kind of policy and Delta flight attendants would never support that if there was one! And by the way, if the airline industry crashes you can take a bus or train next time you want to travel.

  18. Kj

    I’ve heard so many complaints about delta airlines that they are never clean and they raise there ticket prices really high and they always cancel your flight for no reason so they make a lie and tell you why I’m never flying delta

  19. Jo

    This is fake news. We do not hand out sensitizing wipes to the passengers. We are not given that many for us to use for ourselves for services. There are more economy seats than either of the other two sections. But nice try on upsetting people. Google should be ashamed for printing this story just to keep the hysteria going.

  20. Bre Szydlo

    I flew over 5,000 miles in the past few weeks and I can say that I have never seen planes this clean! I’ve used disinfectant wipes for years when I take a plane and until this time, I was pretty disgusted. I was pleased to find my areas spotless!! the planes looked new! good job, Delta!

  21. Cheryl Sullivan

    That’s DISCRIMINATION!! Sounds like Delta dont care about the safety and well being of there passengers nor there employees.

  22. D

    I was on a Delta flight last week, only wipes being used ” passengers used their own”. This sounds like the attendant attempted to extend customer service, by offering wipes purchased by self, had limited supply and implement on rules. This is an employer to employee issue…can we please leave it to them….and let’s try to encourage each other with positive thoughts during this difficult time.

  23. Claudia

    Delta disinfects the cabins of all aircraft after each flight. What the woman might have seen was warm hand wipes or warm wash cloths given to first class passengers before the meal service. On some flights this service is also offered to passengers in Comfort plus. This is something all airlines with different cabins do.

  24. Maria Archie

    None of the,airlines should get a bail out, they nickel & dime their passengers, it does not matter where your going Delta always has the highest fares. I know this cause I travel quite often. All the US carriers treat their customers like cargo. They make Billions of dollars.
    The CEO’s & Share holders Greed is Phenominal
    Everthing is extra & only their frequent fliers are treated with some form of respect.I find international carriers treat their customers a whole lot better service is always better on Lathan & most European flughts Canada also.
    I can,keep going but you get what I am saying.
    It comes down to Greed in America always.
    If you help poor people it’s socialist but what is it when you give big chunks of tax payers money without any guarantees to these slime bags. What’s that called shoring up the stock market.

    • Tim Stinsom

      Maris if rinnong an airline is such a lucrative business, why don’t you start one up. You have all the talking M points, just no common sense. If you believe the wipe story, you need to take a nap.

  25. Michael sosa

    Maybe they shouldn’t give wipes to anyone and solve the problem ..but also first class tickets cost twice as much as a economy ticket so go to the store before going on a trip and get yourself a pack of wipes and use it as you like ..I also agree with the lady that says how.many other this you do before boarding on the plane that could have infected you already ..use common sense and don’t be a cry baby for everything

  26. Robyn Daly

    What a bunch of bull! This is not true at all. Geezus-

  27. Ronna G Bennett

    Really, please! Delta is an outstanding airline!! In the times that we are living in right now, you should have your own wipes anyhow! Be responsible!

  28. Dianne Davidson

    Dianne we are in Uncharted territories why are we complaining about such frivolous

  29. Patricia Diggs

    My husband and I took a flight from Barcelona to Orlando (via JFK) on 3/16 with Delta and I could not be more thrilled with the service they provided. We were well taken care if every step of the way.

  30. Jane Ballard

    I do NOT believe this at all. I am a flight attendant , who worked on 911 and through SARS. Why would any flight attendant work risking their own lives just to deny a few rows of passengers? Those commuter jets are small. Approx 13 rows. Business Class is only the first 2 rows. Chances are someone up front asked for a hand wipe and the rest of the passengers saw it and wanted one too, but they ran out. AND its not the airlines policy to hand out sanitary wipes on flights ever. This will be fully invesigated and I already know it’s not true . Someone is distortimg the facts. Sad that flight attendants are putting themselves in direct risk, without wearing face visors and protective gowns yet are still abused by the people who they are getting home .

  31. Birch Garrett

    I refuse to believe adults are this stupid. A large portion of these comments have been BOT generated…look into the subject if curious. Either that or possibly planted by the publisher of this totally meaningless piece of click-bait of an excuse for a news article. Hey, I fell for it too. Here I am commenting, left with that crappy feeling you get in your gut after having done so. We should all be ashamed of ourselves, if not then you’re naive. Here’s a fun little exercise in perspective…read this article and imagine you were reading it, say, this past Christmas travel season (2019). Can you imagine your reaction to such a petty thing? “Boo-hoo, da wich people in wux-u-wee cwass got wipees an i didn’t! Boo hoo hoo”, isn’t that what we’d ALL be saying? Elmer Fudd voice notwithstanding, I suppose, but come on people, lighten up. This should make most of us Americans happy! We are actually seeing the survival of the fittest doctrine actually play out before us! This is what we adopted when we threw God out of our schools….this is what we believe, don’t you remember? We wanted this! Surely we’ve all seen the numerous articles with the 90yr olds in the nursing home that survived this little wimpy widdle bug? In case no one realized it (a BOT cannot as it cannot relate), but we are all human beings, we all make mistakes, we all deep down ultimately only care for ourselves, and we are all, even you read this comment, all of us, are going to die. Could be today, could be tomorrow, could be years and years from now but it is inevitable. Be ready for that day and ‘widdle wipees’ won’t offend you so bad!!!

  32. Peter Westwood

    Since when did a second hand tweet quoting hearsay become a reliable source of news? Oh, that’s right, we’re living in bizarro world now. #makingamerikagreat

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