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Boeing stock have risen 100% in a month. Should you buy more, sell or hold?

When an investor gets 100% ROI on a small cap stock that is not the news anymore. But when you see 100% increase, in a month, on a Boeing CO (NYSE:BA) stock that is something you do not see every day.

In the past week, the Boeing share rose strongly and broke an important chart-technical hurdle. The recovery rally continued on Monday when BA stock closed at $230.50 which is 12.26% higher than Friday.. On Monday, Boeing also received a strong wind in the back from Goldman Sachs. The analysts confirm their buy recommendation and the price target was raised. The stock took off.

The US investment bank raised the price target from $ 209 to $ 238. The analysts continue to rate it positively based on the 737 Max production continuation. Boeing is strongly positioned in this growth market, but for how long?

Boeing shares have lost $100 year-to-date but many recovered with the latest rally. Is there more strength left in BA shares for another $100 push? Hardly, because air traffic and international tourism is still at standstill. And many air companies are fighting to survive, nobody is thinking about placing new orders.

For now BA shares are a strong hold and if you want to bet your lifesaving’s on Boeing, I am sure there are better opportunities out there. So, if you already have BA shares hold on to them, but if you want to buy more, I think you are kinda late into the game. The biggest profits are behind us.

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