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BKNG stock price fueled by “500% more bookings”

I had a walk with a buddy of mine this morning, down by the river side. We talked about the life and touched several topics. He is working as a web developer and have a couple of clients. Nothing special. One of his clients is a Internet Marketing guy that develops affiliate sites. He is working for years with that client so he knows the inns and outs of that job.

Anyhow, as I told him that I would need to write a couple of travel related articles he asked if I am going to cover Booking Holdings (NASDAQ:BKNG) stock. I thought he invested in BKNG and was wondering what is going on but he actually said that his client is working as an affiliate for Booking.com.

In his words:”My client saw 500% increase in bookings when you compare March to May. And June is through the roof.” This was a huge information but it is something that I expected long ago when I told you to buy BKNG at $1,200. He also added that they saw significantly more rental bookings compared to 2019.

Now that the BKNG stock price is nearing its all time high of $2,000-ish it is a bit too late to get into OTAs. But hey, if you bought back in April I suggest to hold it even though I do not expect huge profits in the period ahead of us.

Once official Q2 results are published we may even see a significant loss in the price of BKNG shares but only if others already priced in good results into $1,800 like I did.

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