Ayro stock surges 20%+ second day in a row, but why? – Idaho Reporter


Ayro stock surges 20%+ second day in a row, but why?

If you are not invested in Ayro, you probably never heard about that company before, but the share price of Texas based 3-wheeler EV producer is going parabolic, second day in a row.

The times have come to say – If you are not investing in one of the new EV companies, you are missing out on free money. But we can also say that EV stocks valuations are reminiscent of the dotcom boom.

But for how long can this rally last? It doesn’t matter as long as investors are getting insane profits. Last month it was Tesla, This month Chinese EV producers like Nio and XPEV and now small, niche companies are riding the wave.

So, AYRO stock price is up on Monday, more than 20% during pre-market. This shows that there is still money in the streets, enough money to push companies, even the ones no one ever heard about. Because, you know, these companies are, according to Twitter gurus – undervalued!

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