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Avalanche at Idaho ski resort kills two, injures another five

An avalanche on Tuesday at the Silver Mountain Resort in Kellog, Idaho, claimed the lives of two people and left another five injured.

This occurred at 11 am local time, less than an hour after the peek opened. The resort had completed avalanche blasting – a process where intentional avalanches are triggered – mere hours before to try and prevent uncontrolled avalanches and injuries.

Ski patrol and volunteers responded and one body was found quickly while the second fatality was only found late in the day. The victims’ names are yet to be released, but the casualties were confirmed by the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office.

The resort announced that all skiers are accounted for but the mountain remained closed for Wednesday. A message of condolences was posted by the resort on Facebook while also thanking people for their patience.

The slide was caused by heavy, wet snowfall in the area which received a reported 26 inches in two days. The combination of wet and heavy snow on a hard base is very unstable and the Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center has warned that the area remains at high risk of more avalanches.

This follows the death of two men who were caught in an avalanche while out snowmobiling last week.

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