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Adyen (AMS:ADYEN) stock up after Wirecard disaster

This is probably the worst trading day for all Wirecard investors,but the investors from other payment processors such as Adyen or Worldline ( EPA: WLN) and Ingenico (EPA: ING) can look forward to better days. Adyen continued their record run and in the meantime climbed to just under 1,300 euros, bringing their stock market value to 39.2 billion euros. At the beginning of the year they were still available for around 730 euros – an increase of almost 80 percent.

Investors may speculate that Adyen could benefit from the Wirecard disaster. In this way, analysts expect customers could possibly avoid the competition, because reputation also plays a role when it comes to payment processing.

Against Adyen, however, Worldline with a market value of 13 billion euros and Ingenico with just under 8.5 billion euros are still rather small. Wirecard’s stock market value fell by half on Thursday to 6.4 billion euros after the German payment processor fell into disrepute with investors due to another shift in its balance sheet. Because: The reason for the shift are discrepancies in trust accounts, in which 1.9 billion euros are booked. Wirecard therefore wants to file a criminal complaint

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