A Boeing 737 named “Flying to Utopia” has been converted into the library as a part of program to uplift Mexico City neighborhoods.

A boeing 737 has been converted into a library as part of a program to uplift neighborhoods in Mexico City. The library forms part of the Iztapalapa’s “Utopia” program. This program aims to improve public spaces in the borough which were previously used by drug addicts and people consuming alcohol.

The mayor of Iztapalapa, Clara Brugada Molina published a tweet on Sunday announcing the opening of the library, called Volando a la Utopía (Flying to Utopia). She said: “When we bet on reading and books, we bet on knowledge, education, science and culture; we invest in the present, but build for the future. #VolandoALaUTOPÍA aims to bring children and young people closer to discovering the world through words.”

The library is equipped with 26 computers which are connected to the internet. 25 000 titles can be accessed online along with a collection of 230 printed books, audio books and there is a semi-professional flight simulator. An additional 40 computers will be placed in facilities outside the plane, which will have access to free wifi.

Mayor Brugada also announced that another library will be developed using repurposed shipping containers. This “boat library” is currently being built in a different part of the borough and will have 30 “cabins”.

Another converted airplane has been serving as a library in Ciudad Hidalgo Michoacan since 2018.

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