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Wife of Google “Election Meddling” Whistleblower Killed in Car Crash


Wife of Dr Robert Epstein, who claimed that bias in Google’s search engine is “one of the most powerful forms of influence ever discovered in the behavioral sciences”, died Friday night in a car crash.

Misti Dawn Vaughn, 29, reportedly lost control over her Ford Ranger and got in front of big rig truck on the Interstate 15 Freeway in Escondido,just after 8am Monday morning.

And on Saturday, Dr. Epstein Tweeted about the untimely death of his wife.

“My beautiful wife Misti, a published poet, succumbed last night to injuries sustained in a car accident,” Epstein tweeted. “I was supposed to die in your arms some day, but a slippery road has ruined everything. You were not just my love, you were my greatest adventure.”


Drugs or alcohol aren’t believed to be factors in the crash. A police investigation is ongoing.

Dr. Epstein got into the news after claiming Google manipulated search engine rankings for the sake of voter manipulation.

Furthermore, in  testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Epstein said that based on his research, “biased search results generated by Google’s search algorithm likely impacted undecided voters in a way that gave at least 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton.”

Hillary Clinton attacked Dr. Robert Epstein for his research during the summer, after which he Tweeted that he is not suicidal.



  1. fuckoff

    So exactly how does publishing this sad story fit in with “Idaho Reporter’s” supposed “mission”?

    Oh yeah, the start of some stupid conspiracy theory to stir the gutless, soulless Trump folks.

    • No. You fuck off. Your TDS is out of control. Do the world a favor and take a hot bath with a bottle of vodka and a razor blade.

      We need more news outlets that don’t just lick the dirt off liberals and elites boots.

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