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Treasure Valley Winter Weather Advisory

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for the Upper Treasure Valley, Southwest Idaho Highlands and Owyhee Mountains in southwest Idaho.

The advisory will be in effect from 12a.m to 12 p.m on Friday. Snow is expected to accumulate between 1” and 3” with as much as 4” in high elevations and up in the mountains. Drivers are advised to be cautious and watch out for slick and snow-covered roads.

This advisory follows on from a previous news story on the “Bomb Low” that has been responsible for stormy weather across Oregon, California, Nevada and Utah. These areas have experienced 100mph winds in the vicinity of Mt. Shasta that has lead to the closure of the I-5 and left motorists stranded in as much as 18” of snow in the Sierra Nevada. Snow has been reported as far south as the mountains of Southern California with Northern Utah experiencing heavy snow.

Idaho has had winds gusting at 50mph and some local ski resorts have 6-12” of snow. As the storm moves from west to east, it is expected to continue causing problems. On Thanksgiving Day the forecast foe the Treasure Valley is mostly dry, but a few showers may fall.

On Friday the main low pressure will move closer to the state bringing an increased chance of snow showers to the valley and ski resorts. The system is however constantly changing and the computer models predicting snow may change their predictions daily.

Before travelling it is best to check road conditions. Another storm coming in from the west on Sunday has been predicted and could bring a few showers.

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