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Three and a half year sentence for an Irish man who covered house in urine on Christmas Day

When a single mom left her Kinsealy home in a tidy condition on Christmas even 2016, she had no idea that she would be homeless by the next day.

Her concerned neighbours called the police after hearing a lot of noise emanating from her house throughout the night. When Sergeant Alan Flaherty arrived on the scene on Christmas day, he was under the impression that the house had been ransacked over a period of months, considering the amount of damage.

Instead, he found Robert Hedderman, aged 35 fast asleep on an overturned bed among the carnage he had caused. He was holding a pair of scissors in one hand and a pink camera in the other. He also had in his possession, cannabis to the value of  €1700.

Heroin addict Hedderman had broken in and ripped up furniture, placed electronics in a sink filled with water and urinated throughout the house. He also scattered ash everywhere. The damage was so extensive that the woman’s landlord was forced to board up the house which left them homeless until 24 January 2017.

Judge Martin Nolan said:“There was no earthly reason for this man to cause this damage. He destroyed the house,” when he passed down a sentence of three and a half years. In addition to the charges of burglary, Hedderman of Kilmartin Drive, Tallagt, also plead guilty to both possession and intent to sell cannabis.

Aside from the physical damage caused to her home, the judge felt that the woman had also been caused “considerable difficulties” on account of being left homeless. She and her children also lost many personal items including personal belongings, clothes, jewellery, DVDs, computer games, TVs, iPads and other electronic items.

Hedderman, who has been homeless himself since the age of 19, had 47 previous convictions and on the night in question he was looking for a place to stay as he had just been kicked out of his girlfriend’s home.

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