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Pelosi wants Trump impeached, he says to get on with it so country can get back to business

The House Judiciary Committee has been instructed to draft articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. Two days before that, the House Intelligence Committee voted to send a report to the Judiciary Committee which attests to Trump’s misconduct.

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi said that “the president’s actions have seriously violated the Constitution.”

The investigation is related to a phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky. The Democrats claim that Trump forced Zelensky to reopen a corruption investigation against Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, by denying to send military aid to Kiev.

Trump denies the allegations and the White House released a transcript of the phone in which there is no evidence of the said coercion. The witnesses that had been called by Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff could not provide any proof that any arrangement had been made between the two presidents. The person who was privy to the actual phone call was not among those who gave testimony.


The panel of legal scholars asked by the Democrats to make the case for impeachment could not reach agreement with one of the three saying that there was not enough evidence to impeach.

Trump took to Twitter to respond, telling the Democrats to impeach him fast so that the country could “get back to business”.


The Democrats have a hard task ahead of them. Next, they need to get the articles of impeachment past a majority vote in the House. They are unlikely to succeed in ousting Trump from the White House with the Republicans in charge as they will need a two-thirds majority and a trial.

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