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Parents mercilessly stone their daughter , 10 in “honor killing” in rural Pakistan

In yet another mindless act of what appears to be “honor killing”, parents stoned to death their 10-year-old girl, Gul Sama. This happened in the Sindh province in Pakistan on November 21st or 22nd, yet to be confirmed by local police.

News of the murder was spread on social media which led police to arrest the girl’s parents. It was reported that the stoning had been so brutal that her head and face could not be recognised.

Although her parents claimed that she had died in a landslide, the evidence shows that she was executed in an “shame killing” because she had started a relationship and was about to escape the home with her boyfriend. So, instead of grounding her they decided to stone her to death.

Two other people from the village were also arrested: the Imam who lead the funeral prayer as well as a man who played a part in her burial.

According to Honour-Based Violence Awareness Network, each year 1000 honor killings occur in Pakistan.

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  1. Adrijaco

    Pakistan, Land of the Pure!

  2. Rolf Wittwer

    Why isn’t this bestiality banned by the UN ? Stoning a 10 year old girl in 2019 ?
    Is it because a large part of it has already been infiltrated by Islam???
    This has nothing to do with “religion” or “honor” for a long time, it is highly criminal!
    Please finally clear up these fanatical-hysterical illiterates and finally tear them away from this terrible bloody anarchy. It is time to behave as civilized human beings – not as wild animals.
    They should understand that they obey the devil – nothing else.
    Or should this really be the future of our unique and beautiful Planet?

  3. ReubenSandwich

    The parents, and anyone else who approves of this brainless subhuman practice, has no honor to begin with.

  4. Peter Buckley

    No surprise, unfortunately. It is a recorded FACT that over 90% of the world’s honour killings are carried out by the followers of The Religion of Peace:

  5. Doug E.

    Sure would be easier to share this if the author knew that “led,” not “lead,” is the past tense of “to lead.” Please hire English speaking wrters.

  6. Bob Shemeligian

    Chill, Doug E. Okay? I was a reporter for 30 years, and we all make grammatical mistakes. You’ll notice that in the story, the author uses the word “recognised’ rather than the preferred “recognized.” That’s if you wanna be picky. By the way, in your comment you forgot to use a hyphen when you wrote “English-speaking writers.” See what I’m getting at? The important thing is that this newspaper chose to write about a horrible practice in Pakistan. I hope more follow suit. And that would suit me just fine. Get it?

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