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McDonald’s Idaho adds to charity with small change

McDonald’s Idaho have launched a program where customers can, instead of taking all their change, they can “round up” to the next dollar and the balance will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

This announcement was made on Tuesday by McDonald’s and will replace the old boxes where customers used to be able to drop their small coins into.

RMHC is a charity that aids families with ill or injured families financially. The families stay together in private bedrooms, equipped with kitchens and laundry facilities near the facilities where they receive treatment. This allows the families to stay together and enjoy home-cooked meals near these facilities.

The programme was unveiled using a new “Menu of Moments” which shows how RMHC benefits them. It shows them exactly how their small contribution will enhance the lives of these families. It includes incentives such as:

  • Ninety-two cents: can help allow a parent to read a bedtime story to their sick child
  • Forty-two cents: can help provide 10-minutes for a family to sing together
  • Twenty-one cents: can help ensure five minutes of laughter with the entire family

It goes on to explain how for these families these moments are treasured where they need each other the most.

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