Mass Shooting in Pensacola, 4 dead including Saudi shooter, 4 wounded in hospital, 3 treated at a site, 2 deputies shot.


Eleven people are affected in this morning shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola , 4 people deceased, one of them is shooter, 4 people are wounded and in hospital and 3 are treated at the site in the base.

Two deputies were shot while they were engaging the suspect, one in the arm and one in the knee.

Weapon used by an active shooter was a hand gun. It is believed that the name of the shooter is Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani .

If you have a son or a daughter at the base and you cannot reach them have in mind that when you have class your not able to have your phone on you at all, you have to leave them in your rooms.

Officials are handing out this number to check for loved ones at Baptist hospital 850-434-4011.

At this time, all non-essential personnel on the western side of NAS Pensacola main side, including the museum, the airfield, etc, proceed to the west gate to exit the installation. If you are on the east side of the Interior Command Posts on Taylor or Radford, remain sheltered in place.

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